Barb Kiebel from Creative-Culinary.comI first met Barb from through her blog several years ago and since that time her life has changed dramatically.  She’s had family issues, a daughter who beat cancer, built a new home and has created a new life for herself with her blog and her web development business, Kinetic Webs.

I admire her so much because even when times were really tough, she kept going. We never saw one instance of ‘woe is me’ but lots of Barb getting on with making life better every day.

Barb is friends with nearly every blogger and a request to her for assistance is always met with a yes. She’s an expert and she does this for a living so hopefully nobody is taking advantage of her extremely good nature.

The food she creates is always reliable and delicious but what sets Creative-Culinary apart are the gorgeous photographs that accompany every recipe. How I wish I had her talent because everything she posts, I want to make it.

Who would think that old-fashioned chicken and dumplings could photograph like this? You want a bite, don’t you?  I know I do.Chicken and Dumplings

Her desserts are as beautiful as you’d find in the finest restaurants too.  Look at this raspberry boccone dolce or what I’d call a chocolate and raspberry pavlova. It’s got layers of crunchy meringue filled with whipped cream, raspberries and chocolate.

Chocolate and Raspberry Pavlova

If her cooking, baking and photography weren’t enough, she’s got such a lovely voice throughout her blog. Her posts are entertaining as well as informative. Take for example her post about Robert DeNiro’s vodka martini with a twist.  The post begins with Barb talking about sitting around with her friend Bob and wondering what to make for Friday cocktails. He suggested this martini.

Friday Cocktails is a feature on Creative-Culinary that has taken on a life of its own. Barb began adding a few cocktails to her blog and we all liked them so much, she made it a weekly addition to her blog. Some of the drinks are traditional like a mint julep or a cosmopolitan but others like her spiked chocolate espresso shots and pear pomegranate cooler were totally new to me.

Barb is an inspiration to many bloggers, food and otherwise because she’s shown that if you have the drive and passion, you can create a career for yourself doing what you love. She also passes on the love in her Stuart Smalley Awards.  On her blog, Barb writes that the same hugely popular bloggers will win the ‘Best of’ food blogger awards every year and many really good blogs miss out.  She created the Stuart Smalley Awards to recognize blogs she really likes.

If you’re not following Creative-Culinary, you’re really missing out on a wonderful blog filled with good food, good photography and a potential good friend. You’ll find Barb on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.


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